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76 Crochet Shrug Patterns

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Shrugs are the perfect accessories for the chilly weathers and cool breezes. Shrugs are short jackets that provide the appropriate amount of warmth one needs whether it is neither too hot nor too cold. A bulky sweater or shawl can make you feel too hot and while putting on a tank top you will feel cold, so this shrug can make you comfy throughout the moderate days. Crocheting a shrug is pleasurable and a crochet shrug can be the perfect item for beautiful young ladies. We have simple crochet patterns to work up for all you shrug lovers.

Source: Crochet Shrug for Spring (i.pinimg.com)

This Mandala fashionable shrug is perfect for the spring collection with its circle patterns and intricate designs.

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern (favoritepatterns.com)

Throw on this elegant piece of crocheted shrug and feel a bit cozy when the weather gets a bit chillier.

Source: Shrug Crochet Pattern (www.mooglyblog.com)

Make yourselves stylish this season with our shrug patterns with nice crocheting details all over the texture.

Source: Crochet Pattern of Circular Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Circular shapes look adorable for shrug patterns like this cute little girl wearing a lovely warm shrug.

Source: Crochet Shrug (www.diytomake.com)

Crochet patterns detailed here are much simpler to work up and you can finish them up in only a day or two.

Source: Pretty Pink Crocheted Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Pinks can melt a lady’s heart at any point in time! So a pink crocheted shrug exceeds the level of prettiness and grace.

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern (3.bp.blogspot.com)

Shrugs can act as the finishing touches to one’s ensemble hence we offer a variety of styles for the shrug patterns.

Source: An Exquisite Pattern of Crochet Shrug (4.bp.blogspot.com)

Some bolero patterns can be exquisite enough that help you stand out with beauty and grace from the regular crowd.

Source: Ladies’ Crochet Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

These crochet shrugs come in handy and young ladies can look great in these sweet accessories for the chilly weathers.

Source: Lacy Shrug Crochet Pattern (img0.liveinternet.ru)

White pure laces can look divine especially in bridal attire. The bride wrapped in this shrug with the wedding gown looks beautiful.

Source: Crocheted Shrug for Fashionistas (favoritepatterns.com)

If the air conditioning has been working full blast, feel warm in style with this white crochet shrug.

Source: Cool Crochet Shrug Pattern (www.knittingmatters.com)

Beat the cold breezes with this fresh cool crochet blue shrug and this can go with any casual outfits you have.

Source: Circular Shrug Crochet Pattern for Beginners (img1.etsystatic.com)

All you beginners can start with a circular one for a beautifully textured look like this bright blue one.

Source: Stretch Crochet Shrug (img0.etsystatic.com)

These stretched shrugs can be worn as dresses too for baby girls and they would look no less than a princess!

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern for Summer (i.pinimg.com)

Summertime can be fun with these hot pink shrugs thrown upon you instead of the otherwise dull clothes.

Source: Comfy Crochet Pattern of Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Apart from their functioning as style accessories, one can knit them with bulky yarns for more comfort.

Source: Shrug Crochet Pattern (asda.scene7.com)

Pretty pink yarns can look best for women shrugs. They can easily carry out a gorgeous but adorable look.

Source: Crocheting a Vintage Circular Shrug (farm9.staticflickr.com)

Flaunt a vintage style with this beautiful multicolored bohemian circular shrug and one can carry out a traditional style.

Source: Adorable Crochet Shrug (img0.etsystatic.com)

This sweet blue brings freshness to your monotonous outfits with its cool hues and lovely Mandala patterns.

Source: Easy Shrug Crocheting Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Learners can also make a lovely crochet shrug with some beautiful yarns, our handy techniques and patterns available here.

Source: Pretty Shrug Sweater in Crochet (i.pinimg.com)

Shrugs can also be designed as cardigans that can naturally pretty up your winter look with their bright and sweet hues.

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

We have a surprising variety of styles and traditions for designing these crocheted shrugs with white yarns and tiny tots.

Source: Crocheted Shrug (static.artfire.com)

One can add some cute embellishments for crocheting shrugs to look great without working on it with much effort.

Source: Easy Crochet Shrug Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Take up some nice bright yarns and you can readily create wonders with our easy patterns for crochet shrugs.

Source: Unique Crocheting Idea for Shrug (img1.etsystatic.com)

One can try out unique shapes and colors for crocheting shrugs and carry out a classic look like this turquoise circular shrug.

Source: Granny Shrug Crochet DIY (www.lanaredstudio.com)

Granny squares provide you with much more classiness and glamour so do not miss them while crocheting your shrugs.

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern (farm5.static.flickr.com)

Shrugs can be one of the easiest ways to make something wearable which would not be a scarf or a shawl.

Source: Crochet Shrug Sweater (i.pinimg.com)

This pretty cute pink shrug can also be worn as a jacket or sweater for the cold, breezy days of the winters.

Source: Crochet Pattern for Cape Shrug (img1.daumcdn.net)

Crochet shrugs can be designed in rectangular, squares, circles and even cape patterns for unique looks.

Source: Easy Crochet Shrug (ae01.alicdn.com)

Knit a regular white shrug and embellish it with cute tassels for an ornamental touch and make you beautiful.

Source: Simple Classy Shrug (1.bp.blogspot.com)in Crochet

Granny squares can make your shrugs classier than the ordinary patterns with their aesthetic additions of color works.

Source: Simple Crochet Shrug Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Shrugs are much more flexible to knit as one does not require following a particular shaping frame for its designing.

Source: Pristine Crocheted Shrug (patternshub.com)

The best way to learn crocheting is by trying! We gather for you dozens of patterns and sizing options to check out.

Source: White Crochet Shrug (ae01.alicdn.com)

White shrugs can be more than perfect and pretty with any of your dresses, either with floral prints or of a neutral color.

Source: Crochet Kimono Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Find out some of these unique shrug patterns as part of your wardrobe staples for the summers or the fall season.

Source: Shrug Crochet Pattern (www.diytomake.com)

You can check out plenty of styling options here that can be designed without much effort, only with a bit of patience and passion.

Source: Crocheted Granny Shrug (picdom.ru)

Some items are undoubtedly one of the most wanted wardrobe accessories and a granny square shrug would be one continual rotation.

Source: Red Shrug in Crochet (img.etsystatic.com)

A lovely red lacy shrug cannot be missed! Charm your dresses with this embellishment with nice flower crocheting.

Source: Hand-Made Lace Crochet Shrug (img1.etsystatic.com)

Lace works can look divine on any clothing so all you knitters must not dare to miss beautiful lacy designs on their shrugs.

Source: Shrug Crochet Pattern for Plus Sized Women (www.classiceliteyarns.com)

Plus size women need not feel to be depressed any more nowadays as we have like all other garments big size shrug patterns with wonderful colors.

Source: Crochet Lace Shrug Pattern (ae01.alicdn.com)

You can try out some of these short sleeved shrugs too for the summers with some intricate lace works knitted throughout.

Source: Crocheted White Shrug (cdn.shopify.com)

White threads do the most functional works as these white crocheted shrugs can be worn with any short dress or casual attires.

Source: Shrug Pattern Crochet (img.elo7.com.br)

Use sweeter shades and more intricate designs for the best results of crocheting a cool collection of shrugs.

Source: Crochet Pattern for Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

This flattering style can suit all body types and one can find herself in a land of lovely color works in granny squares.

Source: Green Crochet Pattern of Shrug (www.aprendecongenesis.info)

Get close to nature and sooth yourselves with this soft green yarn works. Look at the delicacy and sweetness!

Source: Crochet Pattern Shrug (cs3.livemaster.ru)

One can simply throw on this and have an immediate stylish effect on her attire for this festive season.

Source: Plus Size Crochet Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Oversized ladies freaks out for they fail to get desired clothing and other stuff but shrugs can easily be customized according to their shapes.

Source: Wine Crochet Shrug (img0.liveinternet.ru)

Get some lovely dark hues of wine colored yarns and you can crochet the most classic piece of shrug ever for yourself.

Source: Crochet Pattern Shrug (szkolaszydelkowania.pl)

Softer hues can provide you with a prettier and more graceful look so make sure of choosing lighter colored crocheting threads.

Source: Lacy Shrug Bolero Pattern in Crochet (2.wlimg.com)

White lacy patterns can melt any hearts for their lovely textures and intricate detailing all through the shrug.

Source: Crochet X-Stitch Shrug (buttercupandbee.files.wordpress.com)

Explore a set of newer crochet patterns like X-stitches to incorporate them in your hand knitted shrug collection.

Source: Black Crochet Shrug (static.jaypore.com)

Black marks the touch of elegance and soberness. Knit some black yarns and you can have a sophisticated piece of shrug.

Source: Vibrant Crochet Bolero Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

These vibrant orange crochet threads can turn your somewhat monotonous life into an exciting one whenever you put on the shrug.

Source: Short Sleeve Crochet Shrug (image.pushauction.com)

Shorter sleeves can be perfect for the summer shrugs on top of short dresses or any casual attire for regular usage.

Source: Showy Crochet Bolero Shrug (i.ytimg.com)

Follow our ideas and steps that would show you to crochet a summer bolero shrug for your little one at home.

Source: Baggy Sleeve Shrug in Crochet (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

You can try out some unique patterns to stand out from the rest as these baggy sleeved crochet blue shrug.

Source: Crochet Shrug Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

We have gathered for you a wide range of shrug patterns; some can be knitted as cardigan forms too for more warmth.

Source: Trendy Circle Shrug in Crochet (img0.etsystatic.com)

Besides the adults, babies love to look trendy too so you must make them a stylish cute red circle shrug in bright red yarns.

Source: Crochet a Shrug (img0.etsystatic.com)

Newly become mothers can start this project with a baby shrug. Take up some soft warm pink yarns.

Source: Shrug Crochet Pattern for a Fab Look (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

Glam up your looks with this charming fluorescent green crocheted shrug and the magic begins!

Source: Crochet Pattern for Shrug (img0.etsystatic.com)

Baby girls can look lovely and the most adorable in sweet short shrugs wrapped over their cute little frocks.

Source: Crochet Shrug and Bolero (www.redheart.com)

Shine in this bright blue bolero shrug thrown over any short dress or a long gown and you can win hearts!

Source: Crochet Pattern for Shrug Cardigan (img0.etsystatic.com)

Shrugs can be designed as cardigans for both babies and adults for enjoying comfy cozy winter days.

Source: Crochet Shrug Sweater Pattern (knitsycrochet.com)

Toddlers and children need to be warm and feel toasty so make them these adorable shrug sweaters for a happy feeling.

Source: Stretch Crochet Shrug (img1.etsystatic.com)

No clothing can be more adorable for your little angel than this stretch shrug crocheted in pure white.

Source: Crochet Bolero Shrug (mrsmacro.com)

One having a bolero shrug can flaunt a funky style. You can definitely attract the eyes of the beholder with this colorful one.

Source: Shrug Crochet (i.ebayimg.com)

White crocheting is blissful for any knitter for one can feel the beauty as well as a soothing effect on the texture.

Source: Crocheted Shrug with Necklace and Brooch (img.etsystatic.com)

Imagine attached jewelry with your crocheted shrug and you need not find matching accessories for wearing with it!

Source: Crocheting Pattern of Shrug (www.diytomake.com)

Check out the intricacy of the patterns shown in our website and then proceed for your crochet shrug project.

Source: Crochet Shawl Shrug Combo (i.pinimg.com)

This combo is just tempting and apt for wrapping over bridal attire. White crochet shawl works have been induced.

Source: Crocheted Shrug Pattern with a Hood (yarnutopia.files.wordpress.com)

Hooded shrugs can look extra stylish than the regular ones and they help to keep you extra snug on breezy afternoons.

Source: Crochet Chunky Shrug Cardigan Pattern (www.redheart.co.uk)

Chunky yarns provide more warmth so while crocheting shrugs for your baby girl make sure to use them.

Source: Crochet Shrug Shawl (s3.weddbook.com)

Explore numerous colors and patterns and you can dress this shrug piece up or down in shawl patterns.

Crochet Shrug Hoodie

Hoodies provide extra glamour and trendiness to your shrugs. These help to keep you extra cozy too.

Source: Warm Oversized Cardigan Crochet Shrug (i.pinimg.com)

Oversized shrugs have been quite in vogue for they give you an elegant as well as a glam look with boots on.

How to Crochet a Shrug?

It might seem tricky to make a crochet shrug to some, but with our tutorials, it may be easier.

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