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55 Latest Crochet Headband Patterns

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Crochet headbands are the latest fashion statement and fascinating to the eyes,  it is the thrifty accessory suitable for all the ages from young ones to an adult. These ear warmers use up little yarn and work up quickly. These headbands use different varieties of yarns, crochet techniques and stitches.You can embellish these headbands with different appliques and make them more graceful and pretty.

 Crochet Pattern for Headband
Source: Crocheted Headband (www.knittingmatters.com)

The pretty little accessory is a simple way to cover your hair and ears and is quite alluring. The stitch is quite simple and less time-consuming.

Instructions for Crochet Headbands
Source: Crochet Headband Pattern (torontoknitcafe.files.wordpress.com)

The elegant pattern is ready for use in a few hours; medium weight yarn is suitable for this DIY; you are going to love it for sure.

How to Crochet a Headband
Source: Crochet Headband with Bow (2.bp.blogspot.com)

The bright, beautiful color and thin yarns are perfect for this project; its unique design is flawless.

Crochet Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Bow Headband (www.knittingmatters.com)

The adorable design provides much coverage and offers more warmth; it is a great simple option to try out.

Crochet Flower Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Flower Pattern for Headband (fashionarrow.com)

The intriguing pattern is distinctive and strung up attractively. The beautiful flowers of distinct colors are eye-catching.

Free Crochet Pattern for Headband
Source: Crochet Headband Pattern (aboutcrochet.info)

The artistic piece in vibrant color is fantastic; You can use lightweight yarn to get the perfect finish.

Crochet Pattern of Headband
Source: Crochet Headband’s Pattern (1.bp.blogspot.com)

The execution of this pattern is simple; the stitch is repetitive; so it is suitable for beginners.

Crochet Flower Headband
Source: Crochet Flowers for Headband (shop.handmadebykrista.co.uk)

Single or multicolor yarns make it adorable and make you fall in love. The Medium weight yarn is best suited for this pattern.

Crocheted Headbands
Source: Pattern for Crochet Headbands (i.pinimg.com)

The mesmerizing headbands are gorgeous, cover your ears very well and provides you with extra warmth.

Easy Crochet Headband
Source: Easy Crochet Headband Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

You can customize the size of this pattern as per your requirement; Medium weight yarn is perfect for this design.

How to Make Crochet Headbands
Source: Crochet Headbands’ Free Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

The funky headband is wide in the middle and tapered at the end, and the decorative button makes it look fantastic.

Crochet Headbands for Adults
Source: Crochet Headband Pattern for Adults (www.crochetpatternsgalore.com)

The quick and easy pattern looks alluring and uses bulky and soft yarn; this makes the headband cozy.

Headband Crochet
Source: Braided Crochet Headband (www.aftcra.com)

The loose or tight braid gives it a different appearance; it is a great option to try with different colors and give yourself a treat.

Braided Crochet Headband
Source: Crochet Braided Headband (helloyellowyarn.files.wordpress.com)

The simple yet elegant pattern is a big hit and loved by all. Medium weight yarn is best suited for this design; You can customize its size as you desire.

Crochet Winter Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Pattern for Winter Headband (www.topinspired.com)

This pattern is easy to knit and versatile; go for it and make a difference.

Crochet Headband Tutorial
Source: Headband Crochet (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

The pattern gives you a new look, and different colors enhance its grace.

Crocheted Flower for Headband
Source: Crochet Headband with Flower (makeanddocrew.com)

The beautiful pattern is alluring, and you can try it with the same or different color flowers.

Crochet Headband with Flower
Source: Crochet Headband with Flower Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

This pattern is quite appealing and gives a beautiful look; This uses various colors of medium weight yarns.

Crochet Headband with Twist
Source: Twisted Crochet Headband (www.mamainastitch.com)

The simple headband with a twist gives you an attractive look and provides more coverage and warmth.

Pattern for Stretchy Crochet Headband
Source: Stretchy Crochet Headband Pattern (3.bp.blogspot.com)

This pattern the is suitable for all age groups as it is self-adjustable to all the varying head sizes.

How to Crochet a Headband for Beginners
Source: Crochet Headband Pattern for Beginners (blog.expressionfiberarts.com)

The simple yet elegant pattern is eye-catching and is a nice option to show your skills.

Crochet Headband Pattern For Free
Source: Crochet Headband Free Pattern (cdn3.craftsy.com)

The mesmerizing pattern gives your head an extra coverage and keeps your ears away from chilly winds.

Tapered Free Crochet Headband with Flower Pattern
Source: Tapered Crochet Flower Pattern for Headband (i3.wp.com)

This distinct pattern is awesome and gives you a stylish look; You can use worsted weight yarn for this design.

Free Winter Crochet Flower Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Flower Pattern for Headband (makeanddocrew.com)

Flowers make this pattern beautiful; you can stitch single color or multicolor flowers, and you will love to have it for sure.

Knotted Headband Crochet Pattern For Free With Pictures
Source: Picture of Crochet Headband (www.mamainastitch.com)

The pattern requires very less yarn and is a perfect option to show your knitting skills.

Winter Teddy Crochet Headband Free Pattern for Christmas
Source: Crochet Christmas Headband (crochetingjournal.com)

It is perfect to wear with Christmas outfits, and its quirky design looks incredible.

Wide Crochet Headband Pattern For Free
Source: Crochet Patterns For Headbands (laikas.info)

Try this simple pattern with the colors you want and get the perfect little accessory.

Elastic Crochet Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Elastic Headband Pattern (cdn.shopify.com)

This pattern is casual enough for everyday wear; It is good for kids as it is easily manageable.

Crochet Elastic Headband with Ribbon
Source: Elastic Crochet Headband Ribbon (i.pinimg.com)

This is appropriate for beginners, and a little elastic gives it a bit of stretch.

Minnie Mouse Ears Crochet Headband
Source: Crochet Minnie Mouse Ears Headband (image.dhgate.com)

With the help of tapestry needle and worsted weight yarn, you can knit this fun and festive pattern.

Easy Cat Ears Crochet Headband Pattern For Free
Source: Crochet Cat Ears Headband (farm8.staticflickr.com)

A simple stitch in medium weight yarn is in two colors; this pattern works for Fox and Wolf ears too with suitable

Large Free Chunky Crochet Button Headband Pattern
Source: Large Chunky Headband Crochet Pattern with Button (i.etsystatic.com)

A bulky yarn, a decorative button, and a wide eye needle is the foremost requirement of this stitch; you can wear this on your outings.

Free Pattern for Thin White Lace Crochet Headband
Source: Thin White Crochet Lace Headband Free Pattern (i.ytimg.com)

The thin lacy white headband is the perfect choice for summer; Elastic provides extra support and fitting to your headband.

Crochet Gypsy Hippie Headband Pattern For Free
Source: Crochet Hippie Headband Pattern (3.bp.blogspot.com)

For this DIY you can use bulky yarn; you can customize it by putting different appliques.

Free Crochet Pattern for Vintage Turban Headband
Source: Vintage Turban Crochet Headband Free Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

This project requires super bulky yarn; will look like diva once you wear this.

Quick Crochet Softball Headband Pattern
Source: Softball Crochet Headband Pattern (images4-e.ravelrycache.com)

The simple pattern requires less time to get complete; you can use different shades of yellow and white colors yarns for this handcraft.

Extra Wide Crochet Headband Free Pattern with Button Closure
Source: Extra Wide Free Crochet Headband Pattern with Button Closure (d2droglu4qf8st.cloudfront.net)

Measure the head circumference at the beginning stage, or you can make it in any dimension you require; The repeated stitch is quite simple.

Criss Cross Crochet Pattern on Headband
Source: Crochet Criss Cross Headband (www.sizzlestitch.com)

The unique criss cross stitch is easy and needs about an hour to get complete; you need medium yarn for this handmade headband.

Hello Kitty Crocheted Headband Pattern
Source: Hello Kitty Crochet Headband Pattern (tinacrochetstudio.com)

Your kids will love to wear this, and even you can try it! Go ahead and make this lovely pattern with thin cotton yarns for a perfect finish.

Women’s Crochet Infinity Headband Pattern
Source: Crochet Infinity Headband for Women (www.diyncrafts.com)

Use of bulky soft yarn makes it cozy; you can use cable, braided or zigzag stitches for this pattern. This pattern covers the neck area too.

How to Crochet a Simple Headband (With Pattern)
Source: Simple Crochet Headband Pattern (prettystitches.files.wordpress.com)

Use medium size yarn and customize it to any size or color you desire.

Crochet Chevron Headband DIY Video
Source: DIY Crochet Chevron Headband (i.ytimg.com)

Choose the little chunkier variety of yarn if you want a bulky variety of headband; you can add or remove the buttons and attach appliqué also.

Pattern for Crochet Shell Headband
Source: Crochet Shell Headband Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

You can glue heart or flower on your headband and customize its width as you desire.

Crochet Minion Headband
Source: Crochet Minion Headband Pattern (ceeceescrafts.files.wordpress.com)

The super popular pattern among kids;  the bulging eyes and bright yellow color gives the perfect minion look; try it out and make your child happy.

Lined Crochet Headband
Source: Fleece Lined Crochet Headband with Flower (i.pinimg.com)

You can use the medium or bulky yarn for this pattern; you can also line up your headband with soft fleece to give you super soft experience and extra warmth.

Crochet Knot Headband
Source: Crochet Knot Headband Pattern (image.dhgate.com)

You need bulky yarn, crochet hook and yarn needle for this project; This DIY is perfect for beginners.

Crochet Thread Heart Headband Pattern for Valentine
Source: Valentine Crochet Thread Heart Headband Pattern (midwesternmoms.com)

You can use chain, slip, single crochet and cluster stitch for making this mesmerizing bright red color valentine treat.

Crochet Owl Headband
Source: Crochet Owl Pattern of Headband (4.bp.blogspot.com)

Make your headband with bulky yarn to have extra coverage;  you can also add a fleece a to make it cozy.

Crochet Headband with Granny Squares
Source: Crochet Granny Square Pattern Headband (www.crochetpatternsgalore.com)

You can use worsted weight yarn and basic stitches for this project; This is quite simple to stitch.

Crochet Unicorn Headband
Source: Crochet Unicorn Headband Directions (coolcreativity.com)

Move to the imaginary world and show magical powers; kids will appreciate you for your DIY.

V Stitch Crochet Headband Pattern
Source: The pattern of V Stitch Crochet Headband (2.bp.blogspot.com)

Basic stitch pattern makes it easy; you can use bulky yarn and customize its size as per your requirement.

Crochet Headband Crossover Pattern
Source: Crossover Crochet Pattern for Headband (cdn.craftsy.com)

The repeated stitch is simple and easy to make; You can take medium weight yarn for implementing this attractive pattern.

Red Moss Stitch Crochet Headband
Source: Moss Stitch Pattern for Red Crochet Headband (images4.ravelrycache.com)

You can take worsted or medium weight yarn; The simple and easy stitch is alluring, and the bright red color elevates its grace.

How to Crochet a Headband
Source: Beautiful Crochet Crown Patterns (image.dhgate.com)

The elegant pattern keeps your little kid head warm; Choose soft yarn and embellish this beautiful headband with ribbons; you can use fleece to make it cozy enough for your young ones.

How to Make a Crochet Headband
Source: Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns (www.jemome.com)

The basic ear warmers are versatile, and it looks incredible with distinct appliqués; You can choose colors matching to your attire and stitch it in no time.

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