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39 Tshirt Quilt Patterns

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If you have piles of t-shirts and other clothing, but you get confused what to do with them. But you do not even want to lose them as they have special importance and meaning in your lives. Hence a t-shirt quilt might be the perfect solution to use up all your favorite t-shirts. One can not only get to revisit some of the old favorites while working upon them, and the finished product would get you satisfaction as well as it can have sentimental as well as practical values. Sewing and quilting your favorite clothing is a completely different experience for all you quilters.

Source: Old T-Shirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Cut out pieces from your old t-shirt and curl and flex them into different shapes to make a beautiful t-shirt quilt.

Source: T-Shirt Quilt Design (cdn2.hubspot.net)

You can choose the t-shirts for your quilt project that are the most memorable clothing but may not be in the perfect condition to wear.

Source: Tshirt Quilt (tshirtquilts.com)

The easiest ways for quilting is to make a knit fabric and use some fusible, unwoven materials to prevent stretching or curling.

Source: T-Shirts into Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Come up with some interesting ideas and work up a quilt with some cool t-shirts of your husband.

Source: Making a Tshirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

One can come across a lot of unique quilting ideas for your t-shirts provided on our website and readily create an excellent piece.

Source: Tshirt Quilt (www.mytymecreations.com)

If your husband or son has too many t-shirts stored up right from the college days you can get rid of them by quilting some cute t-shirts.

Source: Thon T-Shirt Quilt (1.bp.blogspot.com)

One can easily preserve the memories even when he cannot wear the t-shirts when you build up a lovely quilt out of them.

Source: T-Shirt Quilt (www.pellonprojects.com)

The fabrics of your t-shirt must be designed quite flexible and stretchy to make your quilt more comfortable and perfect.

Source: T-Shirt Blanket (i.pinimg.com)

If you have not yet turned your favorite t-shirts into a fabulous memory quilt, this is the right time to do so.

Source: Campus T-Shirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Relive your old college days and make a t-shirt quilt which can prove to be a labor of love and anyone can do this.

Source: DIY Tshirt Quilt (1.bp.blogspot.com)

While choosing your patterns for t-shirt quilts, make sure to select some cool ones, and we help you with all the steps.

Source: Tee-Shirt Quilt (4.bp.blogspot.com)

You can turn a batch of unused but much-loved t-shirts and craft them into permanent memories through t-shirt quilts.

Source: No Sew Tshirt Quilt (elaineschmidt.files.wordpress.com)

No special patterns needed for t-shirt quilts. Only some basics and a little inspiration are all that you need.

Source: Tshirt Quilt (www.mommypotamus.com)

Learn how to craft easy quilts form some cute t-shirts using some handy steps and quick methods available here.

Source: Custom-Made T-Shirt (dragonquilter.com)

One can customize her own quilt adding her favorite t-shirts prints and patterns and nothing can be more adorable than this.

Source: Tshirt Quilt Pattern (img.etsystatic.com)

The patterns you choose for your t-shirt quilts may be simple basic ones as well as come intricate or complex ones.

Source: Quilts Made from Tshirts (i.pinimg.com)

Every quilt you design can be unique with all the coolest t-shirts patched up for creating the most interesting patterns.

Source: Easy Tshirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Specific designs and easy techniques can result in the most different type of project one can enjoy working on.

Source: Tshirt Rag Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Get ready to make some beautiful quilt patterns and use up all your rag t-shirts in the most impressive way.

Source: Tshirt Quilt Idea (cdn.shopify.com)

Explore some adorable patterns, and you can amaze your kids with some lovely angry birds t-shirts patched for a quilt.

Source: Making Your Own T-Shirt Quilt (images.custommade.com)

Customize your dearest t-shirts and integrate your favorite patterns to make your personalized quilt for your bed.

Source: Quilting a Tshirt Quilt (3.bp.blogspot.com)

Use some basic sewing techniques and some simple quilting skills for making wonderful pieces of quilts.

Source: Tshirt Memory Quilt (www.custommemoryquilts.com)

Relive your memories every day when you make some quilts out of your favorite t-shirts that can bring back the old days.

Source: Cool Tshirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

In place of clothes and t-shirts, one can make her quilts and her bedroom décor the coolest with some colorful t-shirt quilts.

Source: Kids Tshirt Quilt (rhinoquilting.com)

Kids’ t-shirts comprise of the most adorable patterns of the cartoons and cute graphics. Turn them into quilts.

Source: T-Shirt Quilt Pattern (Different Sized Blocks) (www.toocooltshirtquilts.com)

Be a little different and more innovative to try out different block designs while patterning your quilts. The patches may not be of the same size.

Source: Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

Turn your baby’s t-shirts, pants, and even jackets to make big-size quilts for your bedrooms and groom them up.

Source: Sorority Tshirt Quilt (miaprimacasa.files.wordpress.com)

Save the t-shirts for you can get enough materials out of them to make big and beautiful quilts to decorate your beds.

Source: Tshirt Quilt (trashbackwards.files.wordpress.com)

Use simple materials of the t-shirts and with the easy ways and quickest methods, one can readily make some nice soft quilts.

Source: Rock Tshirt Quilt (www.dellajane.com)

If your husband is a music lover, then this rock quilt would be the perfect gift for him with cool band graphic patterns.


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