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37 Knitted Patterns for Christmas Stockings

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Enhance your vacation enjoyment with beautiful Christmas stockings; the patterns are easy and quick to make. The knitting patterns do not take long and easily complete in a couple of hours. The classic style stockings can be enjoyed for many years and elevate the grace of Christmas tree on the festive season. Customize the size of and embellish them; these are one of the best gifts for a housewarming party and baby shower.

Knit Christmas Stockings
Source: Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings (media.craftuts.com)

Celebrate Christmas and cherish harmony and joy by knitting this beautiful Christmas stocking.

Knitted Christmas Stockings
Source: Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

The color contrast is attractive and enhances the grace of your festive decoration.

Vintage Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: Long Knit Christmas Stockings (cdn.notonthehighstreet.com)

Knitting is easy and looks beautiful so celebrate the special day of the year and feel the warmth of happiness all around.

Personalized Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Personalized Knitted Christmas Stocking (www.thefashiontamer.com)

The name mentioned on each stocking gives it a personal touch; now each member will give attention to their socks hanging on the beautiful Christmas tree.

Cable Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Personalized Cable Knit Christmas Stocking (www.potterybarn.com)

Knit this lovely stocking and enjoy it for many years to come; as it never goes out of fashion.

Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Holiday Stocking with Mitten Pocket (www.anniescatalog.com)

Make this charming pattern; it is perfect for all types of treats from Santa.

Amigurumi Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Engraved Knit Christmas Stocking (i5.walmartimages.com)

The pattern looks pretty and an ideal choice for Christmas; make the pair for your little ones and use it in chilly weather.

Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: Hand Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern (yiyelimguzelleselim.co)

This looks appealing, and the decorative material enhances its beauty.

Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Source: Small Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern (photos1.blogger.com)

The pattern looks exclusively beautiful, and the ribbon elevates its grace.

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: Handmade Knitted Christmas Stocking (cdn.shopify.com)

The colorful stocking looks lovely and the color contrast suites well; try it and make your decoration more attractive.

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Free
Source: Easy Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern Free (2.bp.blogspot.com)

The beautiful colors are alluring and give the inspiration to knit a pair for your little one.

Knit Stocking Christmas
Source: White Knit Christmas Stockings (static1.squarespace.com)

The simple knitting completes easily in a couple of hours and adds grace to the decoration.

Hand Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Cable Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

The pattern is simple and completes quickly; make sure to add this in your decoration this Christmas.

Christmas Stockings to Knit
Source: Knit Christmas Stockings with Fur (target.scene7.com)

The hanging pom looks cute and gives a perfect look to this decorative piece.

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Easy
Source: Christmas Knit Stocking Free (i1.wp.com)

The festive twist with bright colors makes it appealing, and simple knitting is best suited for beginners.

How to Knit a Christmas Stocking

Go through the given instructions and make this pattern easily without hassle.

Hand Knit Wool Christmas Stocking
Source: Chunky Cable Knit Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

Knit this lovely stocking for the special day and put gifts for your young ones and see the big smile on their face.

Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern with Straight Needles
Source: Striped Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

The simple and pretty knitting takes less time to get complete; once it is done, you can use it to decorate mantle also.

Vintage Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Source: Chunky Cable Knit Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

Decorate your Christmas tree with lovely socks and then use it to place cutlery on your dining table.

 Knitting Pattern for a Christmas Stocking
Source: Fair Isle Knit Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

The dark and light color shades enhance the charm of stocking and an ideal piece for decorating your Christmas tree.

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern with Initials
Source: Loom Knit Christmas Stocking (i.ytimg.com)

Use of loom makes knitting beautiful and easy; you can embellish it with various decorative materials.

Mini Knitted Christmas Stocking
Source: The pattern for Knitted Christmas Stocking with Name (i.pinimg.com)

The names knitted over gives a personal touch to this pattern; every family member will going to love it for sure.

Wool Knit Christmas Stockings
Source: Beginner Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern (cdn.notonthehighstreet.com)

You can use the wool of your old sweaters and other attires and place your favorite little teddy inside.

Easy Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Source: Knit Argyle Christmas Stockings (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

The variety of colors makes it alluring; you can choose the color of your choice; it is the perfect gifting option too.

 Winter Knit Christmas Stockings
Source: Red Knit Christmas Stocking (i5.walmartimages.com)

The bright red color looks alluring, and the beautiful pattern is must-have for the festive season.

 Classic Christmas Knit Stocking
Source: Knit Snowflake Christmas Stockings (i.etsystatic.com)

Snowflake pattern always gives the feel of the festive season and inspire to prepare for upcoming events.

Children’s Knit Christmas Stocking Gift
Source: Knit Snowman Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

The cute little snowman makes it appealing and enhances the grace; tuck in the lovely small gifts.

Red and White Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Knit Monogrammed Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

The knitting is simple and beautiful; moreover, the Santa enhances its grace.

Little Boys’ Knit Christmas Stockings
Source: Knit Reindeer Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

The mesmerizing design looks alluring, and the reindeer makes it perfect decorative piece for the festive season.

Small Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Source: Bell Knit Christmas Stockings (i.pinimg.com)

The perfect pattern to celebrate Christmas; moreover, this is an ideal choice for a baby shower too.

Free Christmas Stocking Pattern to Knit
Source: Thermal Knit Christmas Stockings (cdn.supadupa.me)

The unique color with distinct pattern makes it appealing; So try to knit this pattern and make your Christmas tree alluring.

 Contemporary Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: Extra Long Knit Christmas Stocking (yiyelimguzelleselim.co)

The bright red and white color shades are best suited for Christmas, and the additional long pattern helps to place lots of gifts inside it.

Knitting Pattern Christmas Stocking
Source: Easy Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Free (blog.hobbycraft.co.uk)

Make this charming stocking for decorating Christmas tree and embellish it with decorative material to enhance its grace.

Women’s Christmas Stocking
Source: Pattern For Knitted Christmas Stocking (static1.squarespace.com)

The bright and beautiful color contrast looks appealing, and the design is flawless.

Easy Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: Knitting Pattern for Christmas Stocking (www.knitting-bee.com)

The quick and easy project is suitable for beginners; knit the pair and give cozy and warm winters to your little one.

Fuzzy Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Sweater Knit Christmas Stocking (i.pinimg.com)

The pattern is well suited for festive season; try any of the given designs and enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

Flower Knit Christmas Stocking
Source: Flower Knit Christmas Stocking (cdn8.bigcommerce.com)

Flowers add charm to this pattern; it is the perfect decoration piece; try this and flare up your Christmas celebrations.

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