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30 Beautiful Quilted Placemats

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Make your table look beautiful with quilted placements; the unique patterns and alluring designs make it attractive. The eye-catching patterns are easy to make and needs less time to prepare. This DIY does not require any extra preparation so that you can make them quickly without hassle.


Valentine’s Day Quilted Placemat Pattern
Source: Red Quilted Placemat Pattern (flamingotoes.com)

The pattern looks lovely and easy to make; the red color elevate its grace, and the running stitch makes it unique.

Free Pattern for Quilted Placemats
Source: Placemat Quilt Pattern (www.jedicraftgirl.com)

The pattern is quick and graceful; you can customize its size and use it to the fullest.

Quilted Christmas Placemat
Source: Quilted Christmas Placemat Pattern (cdn3.craftsy.com)

The gorgeous pattern is exclusively beautiful and perfect for the festival; the borders are in contrast with the center fabric that gives a mesmerizing look to this placemat.

Quilted Placemat Pattern
Source: Quilted Placemat Patterns (allcrafts.allcraftsblogs.com)

This pattern is easy to stitch and add grace to your dining area and kitchen; the perfect DIY for beginners.

How to Make Quilted Placemats
Source: DIY Quilted Placemats (i.pinimg.com)

The pattern is easy and beautiful; patchwork all over the length and the simple running stitch make it suitable for beginners.

Solid Color Quilted Placemats
Source: Quilted Placemats Solid Colors (blueseanotary.com)

Clear your stash and make this pattern; the triangular design gives a beautiful look.

Free Easy Quilted Placemat Pattern
Source: Easy Quilted Placemat Pattern (2.bp.blogspot.com)

You can try this pattern and use leftover fabrics to get the perfect pattern; choose contrast color strips to make it attractive.

Quilt As You Go Placemats
Source: Cute Quilt As You Go Placemats (www.thebusybean.com)

This attractive placement is perfect for festivals and less time taking; so go for it and finish your project before Christmas.

Wedge Shaped Quilted Woven Placemats for Round Tables
Source: Quilted Woven Wedge Shaped Placemat Pattern (porkypetes.com)

Take the proper measurement of the table and cut the fabric into wedges accurately; you can use same or contrast fabric color for a center placemat.

Quilting Placemats
Source: Placemat Pattern for Quilting (www.pelennapatchworks.co.uk)

The quick and easy pattern looks alluring and takes less time to complete.

Modern Quilted Placemat Pattern
Source: Modern Quilted Placemats’ Pattern (kenttruog.co)

The pattern is exclusively beautiful; the different contrast color fabric adds charm to it.

Sewing Spring Quilted Placemat
Source: Sewing Floral Spring Quilted Placemat (imgs.inkfrog.com)

Cotton is good for this pattern however you can use linen and velvet too.

Quilted Butterfly Placemat
Source: White Quilted Butterfly Placemat (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

Now no need to use boring tablecloth; the simple pattern gives cozy touch and easy to sew.

Quilted Rectangular Placemat
Source: Rectangle Quilted Placemat Pattern to Sew (1.bp.blogspot.com)

The basic pattern is simple to stitch, and bright colors make it graceful.

Quilted Placemat from Fat Quarters
Source: Fun Quilted Placemat from Fat Quarters (artgalleryfabrics.typepad.com)

Make this beautiful pattern and gift it your friends or family.

Quilted Valentine’s Day Heart Placemat
Source: Quilted Heart Placemat for Valentine’s Day (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

The red color fabric is a must for this placement; you can also use different appliqués.

Unique Quilted Hexagon Placemats
Source: Unique Quilted Hexagon Placemats (i.pinimg.com)

This pattern is easy to make; you can customize the size according to your need.

Cheery Quilted Easter Placemat Pattern
Source: Quilted Easter Placemat Pattern (2.bp.blogspot.com)

This pattern is attractive; the egg shape Easter placement is easy to make, and the stripes of various colors make it alluring.

Quilted Placemats without Binding
Source: Pattern for Quilted Placemats without Binding (static1.squarespace.com)

This pattern is easy to stitch and suitable for every season; you can also attach beautiful printed fabric at the back.

Quilted Halloween Placemats
Source: Quilted Halloween Placemats’ Patterns (i.pinimg.com)

The perfect pattern for theme parties; make sure to use vibrant colors along with black fabric to get the desired result.

Quilted Holly Leaf Placemat Pattern
Source: Quilted Holly Leaf Placemat Pattern (img.etsystatic.com)

Make the hexagonal placement and stitch the patch of contrast color to get the perfect design; choose the fabric with flowers and leaves printed over it.

Instructions for Machine Quilted Placemat on a Longarm
Source: Machine Quilted Placemat on a Longarm (i.pinimg.com)

This pattern involves quilt along technique, and you can vary the pattern as per the size of your placemat.

Yellow Quilted Reversible Placemat
Source: Yellow Reversible Quilted Placemat (s7d9.scene7.com)

Stitch two fabrics and add the piece of batting in between them; make the mitered corner and sew it along the sides.

Quilted Hawaiian Placemat
Source: Quilted Hawaiian Placemat (i.pinimg.com)

The pattern looks beautiful, and the bright color enhances its grace.

Large Quilted Rooster Placemats
Source: Quilted Rooster Placemats (jennifermichele.co)

The pattern is simple to stitch, and the rooster at the center looks excellent; customize its size as per your need.

Quilted Turkey Thanksgiving Placemats
Source: Elegant Quilted Turkey Thanksgiving Placemats (diyprojects.com)

Unique and easy to make a pattern; cut the fabric in different designs and stitch them together to get the desired result.

Vintage Quilted Placemats
Source: Vintage Quilted Placemat Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

The patchwork and lace on both the sides give an eye-catching look to this pattern, and the bright red color adds charm to it.

Oval Quilted Placemat
Source: Quilted Oval Placemat (lareplica.co)

This pattern is easy and requires only single fabric; the backing, battling and overall design makes it perfect for the dining table.

Quilted Placemat with Pocket
Source: Useful Quilted Placemat with Pocket (3.bp.blogspot.com)

This is perfect for the dining table and looks splendid; you can place a spoon inside the pocket and enjoy meals without any hassle.

Round Quilted Placemats
Source: Round Quilted Cotton Placemats (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)

This pattern is perfect for the dining table and garners attention. So enjoy your meal at your beautiful dining table.

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