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3 Basic Crochet Stitches You Can Learn in Under 30 Minutes

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How many times have you tried to master crocheting, only to lose confidence when attempting a new stitch?


Gaining extra confidence when starting your crochet journey is so important. Sometimes all you need to do is master just one stitch to REALLY elevate your crochet game. This step will help to keep you motivated.

Remember, learning to crochet is a step by step process. Learning the basics will help you build up the foundations you need. And soon, those impressive completed projects will start piling up at home.

The great news is that we know everything there is to know to help newbies learn to crochet. Yes, you’re at the exploring phase of your journey. But we’ll show you a few golden stitches that will help you level up.

The Chain Stitch (CH)

When you’re starting, you have the first stitch called the chain stitch. Perhaps you’ve seen these while looking around at a few youtube videos or tutorials.

True to its name, it helps make a chain of stitches, and it’s often abbreviated merely as CH.

After learning how to make a slipknot, this go-to stitch will be your best bet when starting. You may find that with just 8-10 stitches, you would have made a cute bracelet for your kids. If that’s not progress, then we don’t know what is.

Many advanced stitches like the Picot stitch uses chain stitches as well, so it’s vital to master it.

How to do a Chain Stitch

Mastering a chain stitch is easier than you think
Source: craftinghappiness.com

Remember first; it’s the yarn over the hook. Then draw in the thread to make a new loop. Try not to tighten the previous stitch.

Repeat this action and make as many chain stitches as needed. A good rule is that you shouldn’t count the chain stitch.

Single Crochet Stitch (SC)

Once you’ve mastered the chain stitch, the next joint and simple stitch is the single stitch. Yes, it gets its name from being the lone stitch along the way.

Please do not underestimate this stitch, as it’s both powerful as well as simple. And after you have worked a few chain stitches, it so easy to start a single crochet stitch.

The single crochet stitch can create a more dense and thick fabric. It’s entirely dependant on the hooks and yarn.

The single crochet stitch is essential when building amigurumi crochet patterns. So, if your goal is to make this inspiring pattern, you may want to get started on that single crochet stitch soon.

How to do a single crochet stitch

The single crochet stitch is one of the most frequently used stitches in beginner crocheting
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Insert hook into the second chain(work), then put the yarn over the hook. Draw the thread through.

Then, yarn over the hook again and draw the yarn through both loops on the hook. This process will be one single crochet made. And repeat this process.

Slip Stitch (SL ST)

The slip stitch is the smallest, and it’s a technique more than a stitch. But before you stop reading, it’s one of the first stitches mentioned in historical references.

Significantly, both Bosnian crochet and short row crochet relies on this stitch.

The main functions of the slip stitch is to move across stitches without adding much height. The second part is to help form a ring or circle. Traditionally it’s known as the connecting stitch.

While this stitch may not always be front and center in crocheting, it’s ability to add vibrancy and color to a project is immensely popular.

How to do a slip stitch

Slip stitch is more a technique than a stitch
Source: thesprucecrafts.com

Insert the hook into the last chain of your foundation chain. Pull the yarn over, and draw the yarn through this chain and loop all in one swift movement.

Final Thoughts

Learning basic crochet stitches is only the beginning. Once you have these stitches mastered, you can start mixing them up and adding some flavor.

Perhaps you’d love to use these stitches only. That’s also good, as they form the basis of any good crochet piece. As is typical, the basics of any new skills are fundamental to success.

This idea is accurate when you’re crocheting as well. Well, that’s the end of our foray into beginner crochet stitches, and we hope you try out a few.

Know any more beginner stitches? Tell us what your favourite stitch is in the comments below.

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