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27 Beautiful Duct Tape Purse

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Duct tape purse is an easy handicraft and requires limited supply.  You can use a variety of duct tape available to make a beautiful attractive bag in no time. This fantastic tape comes in different colors and patterns; you can also use other decorative materials to add charm to the elegant purse. So do not waste any more time and make this easy craft work.

Designer Duct Tape Purse
Source: Duct Tape Tote Bag (i.ytimg.com)

This handbag pattern is portable and easy to carry; you can also store leftover craft material in this bag.

Duct Tape Bag
Source: Duct Tape Purse (cdn.instructables.com)

This handy purse is beautiful and multicolor duct tape along the border gives a fantastic look.

Duct Tape Purse
Source: Woven Duct Tape Purse (i.pinimg.com)

The combination of bright colors looks alluring; it does not fade off.

Tiger Print Duct Tape Purse
Source: Tiger Print Duct Tape Purse (i.pinimg.com)

The extraordinary design of this sturdy bag is perfect for the workplace and other outings.

Duct Tape Change Purse
Source: Animal Print Duct Tape Purse (3.bp.blogspot.com)

The animal print looks fantastic, and it is the perfect accessory for the party.

Duct Tape Purse
Source: Duct Tape Coin Purse (www.needlepointers.com)

The simple and easy pattern is perfect for beginners; it is suitable for carrying cards and money securely.

Duct Tape Clutch Purse
Source:  Duct Tape Purse –  (i.pinimg.com)Source: Chain-Link (i.pinimg.com)

The multicolor chains pattern looks stylish; this duct purse is the perfect fashion accessory.

Fabric Duct Tape Purse
Source: Cute Duct Tape Purse (handspire.com)

The arrangement colorful duct tapes of different patterns give a charming look, and the end product is alluring.

Mini Duct Tape Purse Craft
Source: Duct Tape Purse  (i.pinimg.com)Source: Chevron (i.pinimg.com)

The easy and stylish pattern goes perfectly with the long dress; choose the tape matching to your party outfit and create this design.

DIY Duct Tape Purse
Source: Duct Tape Purse Pattern (www.wikihow.com)

The small coin bag and other purse make the perfect combo, and the pattern is modified by the velcro attached to it.

Watermelon Duct Tape Purse
Source: Summertime Duct Tape Purse (i.pinimg.com)

The bright and beautiful colors are perfect for summers; flaunt your creativity among your friends.

Beach Duct Tape Purse
Source: Pool /Beach Duct Tape Bag (i.pinimg.com)

Keep your belongings securely in a stylish and funky beach duct tape bag; the inner space is enough to keep the essential items.

Duct Tape Purse Project
Source: Messenger Duct Tape Purse (pre00.deviantart.net)

This funky and cool bag is perfect to carry your fashion accessories; the flap keeps the things securely.

Kids Duct Tape Purse
Source: Ruffle Duct Tape Purse (i.pinimg.com)

The unique, gorgeous purse is a perfect party accessory; the beautiful design makes it eye-catching.

Hello Kitty Duct Tape Ruffle Purse
Source: Simple Duct Tape Purse (www.craftynest.com)

The easy pattern is a weekend project; the elegant design is simple and sober.

Sunflower Duct Tape Purse
Source: Duct Tape Purse Idea (img00.deviantart.net)

Create this exclusively beautiful pattern with simple duct tape, and you are going to be the center of attraction at the party.

Fringe Duct Tape Purse
Source: Fringe Duct Tape Purse (i.pinimg.com)

The fringe pattern is easy to make and looks lovely; try this and show-off your creativity to your friends and family.

Unique Duct Tape Purse
Source: Duct Tape Purse Organizer (i.pinimg.com)

Make this easy and simple organizer and keep your things in order, to get rid of last minute hassle.

Duct Tape Purse Instructions

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