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24 Paper Bag Turkey Projects

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The easy craft requires limited material and takes less time to get complete. You only need a brownish paper bag; apart from that it only needs a few colorful papers and glue. You can do this project for Christmas and Thanksgiving decoration; this DIY is fun for youngsters. Decorate it as the centerpiece on your dining table.


Paper Bag Turkey Craft
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Cut Out for Craft (i1.wp.com)

Download the given template and do this project easily. Trace the pattern on construction paper, and you are one step ahead to complete this task.

Turkey in a Paper Bag
Source: Paper Bag Turkey for Preschoolers (www.sunshinewhispers.com)

Trace the little hands of your kid in different colorful construction papers and allow your child to glue them at the back of the brown paper bag. Give the eyes, nose and wattle paper cuttings also and see a big smile on your kid face.

Brown Paper Bag Turkey
Source: Decoration – Brown Paper Bag Turkey  (jdaniel4smom.com)

Fill the paper bag with popcorn or rice and cover it properly. Paste another brown paper bag over it; use colorful construction paper for feathers, and the quirky turkey is ready to enhance the charm of your home.

Make a Paper Bag Turkey
Source: Hand Puppet Craft – Paper Bag Turkey (cherryblossommidtown.files.wordpress.com)

Trace the hand of your friend on paper; design the given lovely pattern using bright colors construction papers and your surprise gift is ready for Christmas day celebration.

Brown Paper Bag Turkey Craft
Source: DIY Paper Bag Turkey for Kindergarten (qasults.com)

Give a colorful look to the paper plate and glue it on the back side of brown paper bag; glue googly eyes and nose to complete the pattern.

Paper Bag Turkey Puppet
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Puppet (3.bp.blogspot.com)

The quirky Turkey paper bag looks wonderful; the real feathers look lovely and enhance the grace of the project.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Preschool Kids
Source: Craft for Kids – Paper Bag Turkey (www.tonibest.com)

Owl pattern looks adorable; design this easy DIY and see a big smile on your kid’s face.

Brown Paper Bag Turkey Leg with Popcorn Stuffing
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Leg Stuffed With Popcorn (1.bp.blogspot.com)

This is the best decoration idea for the party; add grace to your dining table with popcorn stuffed Turkey paper bag.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Directions

The given instructions make the task easy and your child can make the colorful bag without difficulty.

Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece Craft
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Puppet Template (stockshoes.club)

The given link provides you with a template that you can download. You can use it to trace out the different parts in colorful construction papers.

Paper Lunch Bag Turkey Leg Hat
Source: Paper Lunch Bag Turkey Leg Hat (farm3.static.flickr.com)

Design this fun pattern for your kids and make them ready for skit; you can make a couple of these lovely hats and donate them in the orphanage too.

Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece (assets.marthastewart.com)

Add this decorative centerpiece to your party décor and make your guests spellbound with your creative skills.

Paper Bag Turkey Hat
Source: Paper Bag for a Turkey Bread Basket (www.earlychildhoodeducationzone.com)

Enhance the charm of your dining table with a lovely handmade basket; make it broad so that bread can easily place inside it.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft with Rice
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Craft and Rice (momeefriendsli.files.wordpress.com)

Fill two brown paper bags with rice and give them rectangular shapes for making upper and lower body portions. Glue eyes and nose; use a paper plate to make a feather.

Paper Bag Turkey Bread Basket
Source: Paper Bag Turkey Bread Basket (i.pinimg.com)

Give a unique look to your dining area with the colorful handmade bread basket. You can make this basket little broader too.

Brown Paper Bag Turkey Legs
Source: Brown Paper Bag Turkey Legs (i.pinimg.com)

Give the popcorn filled Turkey leg to your kids and tell them to enjoy the favorite movie. The pattern is easy to design and takes limited time.

3D Paper Bag Turkey
Source: 3D Paper Bag Thankful Turkey (i.pinimg.com)

Handover the required materials to your kid and ask him to design the bag for Thanksgiving day. Show the given image to your child and ask to imitate the same.

Paper Bag Thanksgiving Turkey
Source: No Glue Paper Bag Turkey for Thanksgiving (i.pinimg.com)

Take double stick tape for this DIY; this no-mess project needs limited material.  Engage your kids in this easy activity, and they will love it for sure.

How to Make a Turkey Out Of the Paper Bag?

The given link gives an easy procedure to make this craft; follow the given video until the end and do this project.

Turkey in Paper Bag Craft Instructions

Follow the step by step instructions to do this activity without any hassle.

How to Make a Brown Paper Bag Turkey Puppet for Craft?

Plan this DIY for the upcoming holiday season and the given link will ease your task.

How to Make a Paper Bag Turkey?

Make sure to follow the directions and do this easy project.

Brown Paper Bag Stuffed Turkey Legs – How To?

Follow the given directions carefully and do this activity easily. Stuff it with popcorns and enjoy the movie together with your friends or family.

Paper Bag Turkey
Source: Crafty Paper Bag Turkey Projects (i.pinimg.com)

Use colorful construction papers to make feathers; you can use googly eyes for enhacing the look. The cute triangular nose and wattle look perfect.

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