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24 Jean Purse DIY Ideas Worth Trying

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Making a purse using jeans can be one of the best ways to use your favorite old jeans. Not only you will learn to create something new for yourself but also don’t let your old jeans go waste. No doubt after reading this your cupboard is going to get fill with beautiful, elegant and stylish handbags. So let’s get started to make one.

Jean Purses
Source: Jean Purse Patterns (i2.wp.com)

Complete your denim outfit with a denim purse. Try your old jeans to make a purse. You can also try several patterns to give a creative and stylish look to your purse.

Blue Jean Purse
Source: Blue Jean Purse with Designs (www.luxuriousworld.net)

This new stylish, elegant purse will grab the attention of your group. Made up of blue jeans, this well-designed handbag is suitable for every purpose.

Homemade Jean Purse
Source: Homemade Jean Purse (i.pinimg.com)

Make the best use of your old jeans and turn them into a stylish handbag. Tie thin rope with it to make it hangable. To make it look more classy stitch stickers on it.

Jeans Purse
Source: Pocket Purse from Jeans (restylelab.files.wordpress.com)

This small pocket purse is going to make you happy as it cost nothing but a little effort.  It is tied with a ribbon to make it hangable and layered with an extra jeans piece you can take it everywhere.

Jean Purse Pattern
Source: Old Jean Purse Pattern (www.denimdoover.com)

Turning your old jeans into a classy old bag can be the best way to utilize it. Well, you can also tie your old belt so that it can be easily carried. To add little creativity to it stitch a colorful plastic paper inside.

Jean Pocket Purse
Source: Jean Pocket Purse (1.bp.blogspot.com)

Not in the mood to hold a heavy purse while going out? Then try this jean pocket purse which is so light to carry and also gives a stylish look. You can keep your cell phone as well as money in it.

Blue Jean Purse Pattern
Source: Blue Jean Purse Pattern (peers.me)

This new pattern well defines the creativity used in making it. The big bow attached on one side enhances its beauty. It can be an all-season purse if you know to make the best use of it.


Denim Jean Purse
Source: Denim Jean Purse with Belt (img.dxcdn.com)

It can be a smart way of using old denim jeans. Give an attractive look to your denim purse by tieing belt on its head. It will enhance your creativity and your look too.

Recycled Jeans Purse
Source: Recycled Jean Purse Craft (i.pinimg.com)

Don’t want to throw your old jeans? Try something new. Put your creativity and come up with a recycled jean purse. Tie a beautiful strip of cloth for the bow.

Jean Purse Ideas
Source: Trendy Jean Purse Ideas (lh3.googleusercontent.com)

It is an excellent piece made with denim jeans and is enough to grab the attention of all. A petite handbag locked with a chain and is also big enough to keep all your makeup accessories.

Jean Clutch Purse
Source: Crochet Lace and Jeans Clutch Purse (i.pinimg.com)

Add a star in your overall getup by taking this elegant denim purse in your kitty party. It has beautiful crochet lace which enhances its beauty.

Jean Purse Free Pattern
Source: Free Pattern for No-Sew Jean Purse (2.bp.blogspot.com)

You need a denim jeans pocket, a few stickers, a ribbon and glue to make a purse. It is effortless as it requires no stitching work.

Jean Coin Purse
Source: Easy Jean Coin Purse (craftygemini.com)

Change your normal handbags and try this jean coin purse which is easy to carry and also gives a stylish look.

Jean Shorts Purse
Source: DIY Jean Purse Out Of Shorts (cdn.thewhoot.com)

Turn your old favorite denim short into a lovely purse. Stitch belt on both sides to make it hangable. Carry it wherever you go.

Jean Crossbody Purse
Source: Jean Material Crossbody Purse (ae01.alicdn.com)

You are going to fall in love with this lovely handbag. It has a fine texture and trendy look. It is going to beat up all your old bags for sure.

Jean Purse Tutorial

Give your creative skills an add-on by learning to make a purse with the use of old denim jeans. You can detail it by putting beats, buttons or ribbons.

Making a Jean Purse
Source: Making a Jean Purse (i.etsystatic.com)

It is a fantastic way of transforming the old denim into a stylish handbag. The look, as well as the texture both, define it well.

How to Make a Purse Out Of Jeans?

This video is going to help you to learn to make your denim purse out of your old denim jeans. You will learn to detail it with fabric flowers and buttons. Try this video, and you will enjoy it.

How to Make a Jeans Purse

It will be a fascinating idea to try making your denim purse using the old jeans. Enhance its beauty by detailing well with ribbons, stickers, and buttons.

Blue Jean Purse Instructions

Follow the tutorial and get yourself updated with a new way of making denim bags using old jeans. You can add your creativity and make it look more beautiful and stylish.

Directions for Making a Jean Purse

This new guide is going to fill up your cupboard with beautiful, stylish, handbags and that too without costing much. Follow the instructions given and get to know the way of making a trendy bag.

Making a Jean Purse
Source: Making a Jean Purse (i.ytimg.com)

Gift a cute little purse by making yourself. Try this tutorial which will guide about making a pocket purse using old denim jeans. Use stylish strips to define the border.

How to Make a Jean Purse without Sewing?

The teens are going to love using this pretty small purse. It is so easy to make and is handy too. Stick stickers of your choice to detail it.

Jean Purse
Source: DIY Jean Purse (i.ytimg.com)

Make a cozy, creative handbag with your old jeans. Design the bag according to your choice.

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