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22 Sweet Baby Yoda Amigurumi Patterns That Will Make You Go Aww

By January 10, 2020 One Comment

Disney+ launched in November with the entire Stars Wars collection and a new fan favorite, Mandalorian. The star of Mandalorian is clearly Baby Yoda—hands down. No competition. The sweet cooing noises from a tiny baby pull at the heartstrings of anyone. Soft cooing from Baby Yoda is love on a whole new level.

#babyyoda is blowing up Twitter. Baby Yoda Memes are on every Facebook feed. The Department of Transportation in some states are using Baby Yoda to share their safety messages. It’s time to get in on the action.

Baby Yoda Uses a Car Seat. Be Safe He Will.
Photo by Brian Hynes

If you’ve been dreaming of having your own Baby Yoda, you’re in luck. These 22 Baby Yoda Amigurumi Patterns will help you create your own green little big-eared Baby Yoda.

“Judge me by my size, do you?”


So what’s amigurumi, you ask?

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making stuffed creatures using crochet methods. Crochet, not knitting, is the preferred method due to the creation of thick fabric that holds a 3D shape better.

Making your own Yoda amigurumi requires some crochet experience: spiral or magic ring, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, how to make an increase and an invisible decrease. The skills required vary by pattern.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


Let’s Do It

1. Born on the 4th of May Baby Yoda

Born on the 4th May Baby Yoda
Photo by AmiCuriosities

Skill: Intermediate 
Finished size: Approximately 5.5″

The shading of Yoda’s ears is an extra detail that makes Born on the 4th of May Yoda so irresistible. Instructions are available in an instantly downloadable PDF. Pattern includes photos and optional directions to make a small broth bowl and toy metal ball.

Kelsey of AmiCuriousities is amazingly talented. Her love of Star Wars extends beyond The Child. You will swoon over the Chewbacca family she crocheted.

Crochet Pattern PDF – Baby Yoda-inspired Amigurumi from AmiCuriosities

2. Yoda Lovey

Yoda Lovey
Photo by KazrynsCrochet

What is cuter than a baby with a Yoda lovey? Nothing.

A Yoda Lovey is a perfect baby shower gift for expecting Star Wars fans. Experiment with the yarn used on the blanket to create a lovey so cuddly that it may just stay on your pillow.

Note: The Yoda Lovey pattern is made with 12mm safety eyes. Designer Cassandra with KazrynsCrochet, recommends using your best judgment in regards to the safety of the recipient. Eyes can be embroidered in place of safety eyes.

Yoda Lovey from KazrynsCrochet

3. Pint-Sized Baby Yoda Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Pint-Size Baby Yoda Amigurumi Pattern
Photo by Autumnleaflet

Finished size: 3.5 inches

Good things come in small packages.

Autumnleaflet’s patterns are adorable and cheerful. This pocket-sized Yoda is no exception. The pattern uses embroidery thread to make a darling little Yoda nose.

This pint-sized cutie was explicitly designed for a little fan of Baby Yoda: the daughter of Autumnleaflet’s designer, Kim-Hoa. Make multiples of this Yoda for all the little Yoda fans in your life.

Pocket-Sized Baby Yoda Amigurumi Crochet Pattern from Autumnleaflet

4. Dress-Up Baby Yoda

Dress Up Baby Yoda
Photos by MeoWKnittingBoutique

Skill: Easy. Include step-by-step photo instructions and videos
Finished size: 18 cm or 7” (using 2.00 mm hook)

Playing dress-up with a crocheted Baby Yoda combines the best of your childhood: Star Wars and dressing-up dolls. MeoWKnittingBoutique’s pattern includes a two-toned brown robe and a robe with gold accents.

Instructions are available in English and French.

“Simple crochet for everyone” is the motto of MeoWKnittingBoutique. The patterns may be simple and easy to follow, but the featured photos shown on Etsy are nothing short of detailed perfection.

Dress-Up Baby Yoda from MeoWKnittingBoutique

5. Baby Yoda Keychain or Ornament

Baby Yoda Keychain
Photo by PropsToys

Skill: Beginner with basic crochet knowledge
Finished size: 8 cm/ 3”

Cuteness overload! This pocket-sized Yoda can stay by your side all day. Use this mini Yoda amigurumi as a keychain or ornament. Better yet, make multiple to adorn an entire Christmas tree.

PropsToys created this pocket Yoda with a vision of hanging from a tree. But what if instead of a tree, you hung Yodas from a nursery mobile? Include Sargon-inspired frogs to make a mobile that is out of this galaxy.

Baby Yoda keychains used a party favors at a May 4th party would bring everyone to the light-side.

Baby Yoda Keychain or Ornament from PropsToys

6. Sleepy Baby Yoda

Sleepy Baby Yoda
Photo by OutlawHeartCreations

Finished size: 6” (using a 3.5 hook)

Children and Yoda love toys. OutlawHeartCreations created new toy patterns to supplement Sleepy Baby Yoda amigurumi. Toys include a little frog (straight for Sargon) and a baby cup of broth.

Sleepy Baby Yoda is ready for his blankie. Yes, The Child is a “he.” Crochet or knit your own blanket to match.

See #9 on the list for more Baby Yoda love from OutlawHeartCreations.

“Geek Chic Amigurumi Patterns, Toys and More” are available on the OutlawHeartCreations Etsy page.

Sleepy Baby Yoda Amigurumi Pattern PDF from OutlawHeartCreations

7. Doll-Sized Baby Yoda

Doll Sized Baby Yoda
Photo by EmmyToysDesign

Skill: Intermediate 
Finished size: 9 inches (23 cm) tall, 11inches (28 cm) from ear-tip to ear-tip

The EmmyToysDesign Yoda is the largest of any available patterns that listed a finished size. The sheer size of Doll-Sized Baby Yoda demands attention. Give Baby Yoda the attention he is due by Positioning him atop a Star Wars-themed tree or placing him on the entertainment stand in your media room.

What’s under the robe? This amigurumi pattern includes actual Yoda legs that the robe can open to reveal. This design feature is unique compared to most Yoda amigurumi patterns.

Pattern designer Elmira created detailed instructions, including 107 pictures to assist in making your own sweet little Doll-Sized Baby Yoda.

@emmytoysdesign’s Instagram page is full of Elmira’s amazingly colorful and seasonal creations. Her amigurumi nursery mobiles are dreamy.

Baby Yoda inspired Amigurumi PDF Pattern from EmmyToysDesign

8. Tiny Yoda Amigurumi Knitting Pattern

Tiny Yoda Amigurumi Pattern
Photo by Ginger Swart

Skill: Intermediate 
Finished size: Approximately 3″ tall

Tiny Yoda Amigurumi Knitting Pattern is a Bestseller on Etsy. Why? Vault47 owner Ashlie Crombie detailed the specific skills and materials needed in the product description. Crafters know precisely what to expect when purchasing and downloading the PDF.

Are you hosting a Stars Wars themed party? Dinner guests would be delighted to see this tiny Yoda at each place setting.

Amigurumi Knitting Pattern from Vault47

9. Baby Yoda in Pod Bassinet

Baby Yoda in Pod Bassinet
Photo by OutlawHeartCreations

Skill: Intermediate 
Baby Yoda Finished size: Approximately 3.5″ tall when made with a 3.50 hook
Pod Bassinet finished size: Approximately 5″ x 5″ when made with a 3.50 hook

Is your heart melting looking at Baby Yoda in a pod bassinet? Can you hear Baby Yoda cooing?

Young and old Yoda fans alike will love receiving Yoda and his pod bassinet. Yoda fans can tuck him into his bassinet each night. He will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Baby Yoda in Pod Bassinet from OutlawHeartCreations

10. Baby Yoda Ornament

Baby Yoda Ornament
Photo by SpinaYarnStudio

Jillian, with Spin a Yarn Crochet, created this ornament using a base circle worked in rows. The basic shape allows you the option to make the shown Baby Yoda with a robe or showcase just the sweet innocent Baby Yoda face. Make a combination of both to add interest to a tree.

Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees. Tie the Baby Yoda Ornament on a gift bag or package. Star Wars fan will love the extra detail.

Artist Jillian also offers this pattern available for free (with ads) on her spin a Yarn Crochet website. Her site features many more ornaments, with free patterns that you will proudly display on your tree for years to come.

Baby Yoda Ornament from SpinaYarnStudio

11. Mini Baby Yoda Amigurumi

Mini Baby Yoda Amigurumi
Photo by OneHookedCreations

Skill: Beginner-friendly
Finished size: 4×2.5x3in

Oh, be still my heart. A mini Baby Yoda that fits in the palm of your hand. Mini Baby Yodas are the perfect little size to put in an Easter basket. Squeeze Yoda in a large plastic egg for an Easter Egg Hunt the kids will never forget.

Running short on time to create mini Baby Yoda yourself? OneHookedCreations has premade Mini Yodas ready to ship to your doorstep. Christie has patterns and finished products available on her Etsy page.

Mini Baby Yoda Amigurumi from OneHookedCreations

12. Baby Yoda and Jedi Yoda

Baby Yoda And Jedi Yoda
Photos by yankeerose

Trisha, with Yankee Rose Creations, knocked it out of the park by providing instructions to make two outfits for the wee little Yoda. The download, consisting of 2 PDF’s, includes instructions for the doll, Baby Yoda robes, Jedi robe, and lightsaber. A mini lightsaber! Cuteness overload.

Yankee Rose Creations has been creating and selling on Etsy since 2011. Amigurumi patterns are available to make your favorite superhero or Bob Ross-inspired plushie.

Baby Yoda and Jedi Yoda from yankeerose

13. The Child Yoda Cupid

The Child Yoda Cupid
Photo by Anvigranny

Skill: Beginner to Intermediate
Finished size: 18 cm/ 7”

If #yodalove is your favorite hashtag, this is the amigurumi pattern for you. Yoda Cupid includes instructions to make an optional heart that can be worn by Yoda.

Yoda Cupid would make a marvelous Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift for the Star Wars lover in your life. “My Valentine, will you be?” Customize the heart with embroidered “XOXO” or the name of your Valentine.

After you make the loveable Yoda Cupid, share it on Instagram with #anvisgranny. Follow @anvisgranny for tips and tricks, to see new pattern releases, sales announcements, and for the opportunity to win free amigurumi patterns.

The Child Yoda Cupid from Anvigranny

14. The Child Fandom Pattern

The Child Fandom Yoda Pattern
Photo by Hooked on Fandom

Finished size: 6″ tall, 2.25″ deep, 9.25″ wide from ear-tip to ear-tip

The Child Fandom pattern is impressive and appreciated because Hooked on Fandom doesn’t provide high-level textbook instructions, but free instructions written in plain English. Directions have even been updated since the original pattern release (with notes) to make a better Yoda.

Amy of Hooked on Fandom is not just a fan of crochet but movies. Her Instagram page is a tribute to her favorite films, including her own crocheted character creations.

The Child Fandom Pattern from Hooked on Fandom

15. Baby Yoda Plushie

Baby Yoda Plushie
Photo by Sarah Maker

Sarah Maker made this Yoda Plushie for her two toddlers. The instructions came from her own notes while making it, and a few after. Her interactive blog includes comments from users’ experiences while making Yoda Plushie. Be sure to read the comments as Sarah responds with clarifying details to this free pattern.

Crafty Sarah’s creative abilities extend beyond making amigurumi patterns. Her Instagram page and blog are adorned with colorful photos of design sketches, works-in-progress, and completed works of arts. Recent entries highlight her latest passion project, punch needle art.

Baby Yoda Plushie from Sarah Maker

16. Happy Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern

Happy Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern
Photo by HELLOhappy

Finished size: Approximately 5”

The design of Happy Yoda was initially sketched on an iPad. (Technology is so cool!) Lisa, the owner of HELLOhappy, is an amigurumi and crochet pattern designer.

Maybe Yoda is so happy because his stuffing is eco-friendly in this free pattern. Lisa uses leftover yarn scraps in her amigurumi.

Does popcorn make Yoda happy? Yes, popcorn makes every movie fan happy. Cuddle up with Happy Baby Yoda and a bowl of popcorn for next your next Mandalorian binge.

Lisa’s design for a cactus-themed crocheted scarf was featured in Season 5 of Fuller House. No surprise, Kimmee Gibbler was wearing this happy design.

Be sure to tag @hellohappycrafts on Instagram when you post this happy little Yoda.

Happy Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern from HELLOhappy

17. Original Little Yoda

Original Little Crochet Yoda
Photo by Happy Together

Long before the creation of Baby Yoda memes, Jessica from Happy Together shared a free pattern for a mini Yoda amigurumi. Fans of the site have been making Little Yodas for over eight years.

Give the Original Little Yoda a mini makeover by skipping the step to make a Jedi robe. The pattern instructs you to make a brown torso that resembles a swaddled Baby Yoda.

Follow Jessica to see her DIY adventures. The Yoda newborn outfit, complete with a lightsaber, she crocheted is flawless. Visit BeeMineCrochet on Etsy for the pattern.

Original Little Yoda from Happy Together

18. Yoda Coffee Sleeve

Baby Yoda Coffee Sleeve
Photo by unwrappingmommy

Coffee. Crochet hook. Yoda. Your day is complete.

Unwrappingmommy couldn’t find the exact pattern she desired to make a Yoda Coffee Sleeve, so she created her own. Her coffee sleeve base was a free pattern (similar to this one) found on the Lion Brand website. From there, she made an amigurumi spiral for the head, then ears, and finally arms.

This coffee sleeve warms your hands and your heart. Next time it’s your turn to pick up Starbucks, surprise your best friend with this coffee sleeve.

Yoda Coffee Sleeve from unwrappingmommy

Crochet Coffee Sleeve from Crochet by CED designs

19. Mandalorian Yoda

Mandalorian Yoda
Photos by octoberin_thechair

Finished size: Approximately 13 cm/5” tall

Have you ever gone to change a baby’s diaper and paused to tickle their cute round little belly? That is what will happen after you make this Yoda. The robe in this pattern uses lovely colors and trim, but the base body of Mandalorian Yoda is a-dor-able.

Be sure to tag @octoberin_thechair on Instagram to share your finished Yoda. While you are there, check out the dinosaurs that Elaine loves to crochet.

Mandalorian Yoda from Elaine Soon’s Ravelry Store

20. Big Eye Baby Yoda Amigurumi

Big Eye Baby Yoda Amigurumi Pattern
Photo by The Cute Cyclops

Gaby Baeza, aka @thecutecyclops, created this “eye-catching” Baby Yoda to be made in any size. She suggests using a “similar or equal yarn weight and a smaller (1 or 2 sizes) hook than what your yarn calls for” to customize the size of your Big Eye Baby Yoda.

Join the VIP Cyclops Club to receive early access to new amigurumi patterns and discounts when shopping on Etsy.

Big Eye Baby Yoda Amigurumi from Gaby Baeza’s Ravelry Store

21. The Child “Baby Yoda”

"The Child" Baby Yoda
Photo by Hi Sheep

Hi Sheep started amigurumi with a unicorn (inside out no less) and has now created this endearing cozy little BabyYoda. The button detailing on his robe sets this Yoda apart from others.

After you finish making the warm and cozy Child Baby Yoda, remember to take time to tag @hisheepok with the hashtag #hisheepok to share your masterpiece with others.

There are more amigurumi patterns by Hi Sheep that are available for sale on Etsy.

The Child “Baby Yoda” from Hi Sheep

 “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”



22. Yoda Hooded Scarf

Yoda Hooded Scarf
Photo by PrincessBabyBoutique

There is a child in all of us waiting to come out and play. Channel your inner Yoda with this crocheted hooded scarf. Even Baby Yoda needs a loving adult to care for him.

Artist Sarah of PrincessBabyBoutique has been selling patterns and crocheted products on Etsy since 2013.

Yoda Hooded Scarf Pattern from PrincessBabyBoutique

“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”


Do not allow fear to hold you back from making amigurumi. Select the pattern that speaks to your heart. And select it soon. Many patterns are quickly selling out on Etsy.

Grab your hook and yarn and start creating. Snap a picture of your finished Baby Yoda using #myKnitterbox. Don’t forget to tag the talented amigurumi pattern designers.

May the Force be with You.

22 Baby Yoda Patterns - Make Your Baby Yoda Today
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