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21 Beautiful Photo Quilts

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Photo quilts are the best way to cherish beautiful memories. These quilts have photos printed all over it so you can enjoy the warmth as well as your favorite memorable moments. They are the perfect housewarming gift for your near and dear ones.

How to Make a Photo Quilt?

Follow the instructions and make this mesmerizing quilt in no time.

Photo Quilt
Source: Photo Quilt (raven.contrado.com)

Give different touch to your traditional quilt; place the images of your choice and enjoy the warmth.

Quilt with Photos on It
Source: Quilt with Photos (jmquilter.files.wordpress.com)

This mesmerizing pattern is elegant, and the collection of great pics gives it a unique texture.

How to Make a Photo Quilt?

Show your creative skills to your family and friends; Put their images and give this quilt a personal touch.

 Personalized Photo Quilt
Source: Personalized Photo Quilt (www.dbuggy1.com)

The classy look gives the mesmerizing appearance, and the cool, vibrant color elevates its beauty.

 Quilt Made of Photos
Source: Quilt Made of Photos (www.tortesntarts.com)

The color contrast and your favorite images make the quilt alluring and give it a personal touch.

Photo Memory Quilt
Source: Photo Memory Quilt (cdn3.craftsy.com)

The photo quilt flares up your room, and the beautiful, memorable photos elevate its grace.

 Patchwork Photo Quilt
Source: Patchwork Photo Quilt (i.ytimg.com)

Take the equal sizes of images as well as fabric patches and arrange them to make a quilt.

 Custom Quilt with Photos
Source: Custom Quilt with Photos (images.custommade.com)

The printing technique revives your old images, and you again cherish beautiful memories.

How to Make a Patchwork Quilt with Photos?

Make sure to follow every instruction carefully to get the desired output.

Photo Collage Quilts               
Source: Photo Collage Quilts (www.njeffersonltd.com)

Collect your favorite images and design this unique pattern quilt.

 Quilt Made with Photos
Source: Quilt Made with Photos (i.pinimg.com)

Give your simple quilt a peculiar look with your memorable images.

Wedding Photo Quilt
Source: Wedding Photo Quilt (4.bp.blogspot.com)

Make this handmade quilt and gift it to the newlywed couple. It is the labor of your love for your best buddy.

Photo Rag Quilt
Source: Photo Rag Quilt (drzech.us)

You can gift this beautiful quilt for a baby and make it memorable. The color looks fantastic and gives it a unique appearance.

How to Make a Photo Quilt for Beginners?

Follow the instructions carefully to achieve the desired result.

 DIY Photo Quilt
Source: DIY Photo Quilt (www.photoalbumart.com)

The comfortable fleece blanket looks exclusively beautiful with all the memorable images.

Family Photo Quilt Patterns
Source: Family Photo Quilt Patterns (djiqd110ru30i.cloudfront.net)

Choose black and white images and give a vintage look to your quilt.

Handmade Quilt with Photos
Source: Handmade Quilt with Photos (www.quilting101.com)

The unique pattern gives a distinct look and makes it a perfect option for your bed.

Photo Quilt Idea
Source: Photo Quilt Idea (www.kcquilting.com)

This pattern is eye-catching and gives a unique texture to the quilt; So go ahead and try this beautiful pattern.

Making Your Own Photo Quilt

The unique pattern is elegant, and the use of different bright colors makes it even more interesting.

 Photo Quilt Ideas
Source: Photo Quilt Ideas (roadrunnerquilting.com)

Make this beautiful quilt and place all your favorite photos in a particular manner; customize the size of the quilt as per your requirement.

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