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21 Beautiful Kantha Quilts

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Kantha, a form of embroidery practised by women in rural areas of Bengal and Bangladesh and is famous worldwide. Beautiful saris are piled together to make the piece of cushion, blankets, bedspreads, table covers, and pillow covers. Different forms of Kantha are classified according to their use. Kantha quilts add pattern and color to your room.

Kantha Quilt Tutorial

The beautiful hand embroidered quilt is a masterpiece; the way of stitching is what makes the quilt extraordinary.

Make a Kantha Quilt – Instructions

The vintage, charming artistic quilts are unique and perfect for homes; They are reversible.

Kantha Quilts
Source: Kantha Quilt (www.omerohome.com)

The traditional embroidery work is unique; you cannot find any pieces alike. This household craft is beautiful and shows the expression of an artist.

Instructions for Making a Kantha Quilt
Source: Kantha Quilts (maudinteriors.com)

The gorgeous textile art is an excellent way of using old cotton sarees; they are hand as well as machine washable.

Kantha Quilt
Source: Kantha Quilts (static1.squarespace.com)

The intricate design and beautiful running stitch give an excellent look to these quilts; however, this distinct embroidery uses other stitches too.

Kantha Quilt in King Size
Source: King Kantha Quilt (i.pinimg.com)

The simple embroidery is spontaneous and adaptable; medium and lightweight fabrics are suitable for this embroidery.

Kantha Quilt on Bed
Source: Kantha Quilt – King Size (www.leavesofmytree.com)

The pretty pop of colors and lightweight material flares up the room and makes it alluring, and the size is big enough for any king size bed.

Kantha Quilting
Source: Kantha Quilt on Bed (cdn.shopify.com)

Very restful and is suitable for summers due to its lightweight. It will be more comfortable and cozier after few washes.

Kantha Quilting Procedure

The pretty handmade craftwork is the symbol of traditional and regional expression and is famous across the globe.

Kantha Quilting Procedure
Source: Kantha Quilting (uniquespool.com)

The flora, fauna designs and geometric patterns give the unique and mesmerizing look to these quilts.

Kantha Quilting
Source: DIY Kantha Quilt (img0.etsystatic.com)

The Kantha stitches make the quilt more durable as it provides enough strength due to its pattern of stitching.

How to Make a Kantha Quilt?

The fully decorated quilt with embroidery is elegant and beautiful.

Sew Kantha Quilt – How to?

The vibrant colors with simple running stitch give it an authentic look and are eye-catching.

Kantha Throw
Source: Vintage Kantha Throw (3.imimg.com)

The recycled fabric with thousands of stitches and bright, beautiful colors along with designs and patterns gives a distinct look.

Vintage Kantha Throw
Source: Kantha Throw (cdn.notonthehighstreet.com)

The number of straight stitches hand embroidery is remarkable and patches make these quilts mesmerizing.

How to Make a Kantha Quilt
Source: Kantha Quilt Curtains (i.pinimg.com)

The handmade ethnic curtains in vibrant colors elevate the beauty of a room and give vintage look to the room.

Kantha Motif
Source: Motif Kantha Embroidered Quilt (sc01.alicdn.com)

The simple yet elegant stitch gives an excellent finish to these quilts and different motifs add to its grace.

Kantha Embroidered Quilt with Motif
Source: Kantha Motif (i0.wp.com)

The beautiful handmade motifs basically represent flora fauna or even some mythological stories and give a beautiful effect to these handicrafts.

Kantha Quilt in Queen Size
Source: Handmade Queen Size Indigo Kantha Quilt (img.etsystatic.com)

The good large size quilt is comfortable and requires less storage space, and the specific motifs elevate its grace.

Handmade Queen Size Indigo Kantha Quilt
Source: Kantha Quilt Queen Size (d5nkxbcmx4bo4.cloudfront.net)

The extra large size of quilts is easy to wash as it is lightweight cotton or silk fabric. It is the famous stitch work across the globe.

Kantha Quilt in Queen Size
Source: Kantha Quilt Bag (cdn.shopify.com)

The durable, beautiful and artistic piece is convenient to carry and gives you a stylish look.

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