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14 Cable Knitting Patterns

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Bid adieu to age-old stitching patterns and say hello to new twists and turns. Cable knitting is a simple technique of crossing a group of stitches to another. Working on cables is the most satisfying and exciting knitting pattern. Learn the basics, and you can enter into a whole new genre of patterns and designs. With cables, you can add a beautiful textural element to your projects and thereby add something special to your knits. This pattern is eye-catching and swiftly knitted. Cables are great for beginners too. One does not have to spend hours together sweating over a single technique. High density and intricate textures are main properties of cable knits, and these are really enjoyable.

Source: Cable Headband Knitting Pattern (rr.img.naver.jp)

This winter, be a bit selfish and knit a classy mossy green headband for yourself. You will surely make the others jealous.

Source: Criss-Cross Cable Knit Headband Pattern (uupload.ir)

A bit tricky but fun- it is a crisscross cabled headband for your girl child. She would be the happiest on earth on getting one.

Source: Cable Knit Buttoned Headband Patterns (i.pinimg.com)

This buttoned headband is a masterpiece of cable patterns and maybe a bit mysterious for new knitters, but in the end, they are simple and fast knit patterns.

Source: Chunky Headband Ear Warmer Cable Knitting Pattern (2.bp.blogspot.com)

Single color ear warming headbands look good with any regular outfit and help you with a sober look.

Source: Ear Warmer Headband with Bumps Knitting Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Soft and sober colored yarns can be used for quick knitting patterns, and you can have an incredibly useful ear warmer for winter.

Source: Cable Rope Headband Knitting Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Cute headbands are so perfect as Christmas presents to each member of your family and even for your friends’ gang.

Source: Criss-Cross Cable Knit Headband Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

You just need a little scrap of pink, white yarns and you can gift it to any woman you love dearly.

Source: Cable Headband Knitting Pattern (intheloopknitting.com)

Cables can deliver a great finishing touch with its intricate textures. Bulky yarns are needed for this to five extra warmth and comfort.

Source: Cabled Knit Headband Pattern (www.everythingetsy.com)

Crochet headbands are most suitable for knitting patterns. Follow and practice a bit and transform yourself into an excellent knitter.

Source: Cabled Knit Headband Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Sweet pink yarns make a lovely cabled headband for your little angel. Her prettiness will be more enhanced.

Source: Cable Knit Buttoned Headband Patterns (i.pinimg.com)

Super warm knit headbands with buttons are great knitting projects and quite adventurous due to its tricks and twists.

Source: Chunky Headband Ear warmer Cable Knitting Pattern (2.bp.blogspot.com)

Crochet patterns are the best for chunky headbands. Use a dark color to give it a royal look, and you shall look like a crowned queen!

Source: Cable Headband Knitting Pattern (i.pinimg.com)

Be super adorable and glamorous all together with this fairly knit headband combining white and aa few pink designs.

Source: Cable Knit Buttoned Headband Patterns (i.pinimg.com)

Buttoned headbands are very useful during cold, windy winters when you would like to tie your hair back but still keep your ears warm.

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