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13 Felt Ball Rug DIY Ideas

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Felt Ball Rug DIY Ideas

Give delicate feel to your home interior with colorful felt balls rug; the soft and comfortable rugs provide warmth, and they are necessary for winters. Moreover, if you are not comfortable in sewing, then glue these fluffy balls together to give the desired shape. Use these rugs in your bedroom, living room or bathroom and feel the coziness.

Felt Ball Rug
Source: DIY Felt Ball Rug (babyology.com.au)

The felt ball rug gives warmth and soothing experience; sew these balls in the desired pattern and use it throughout the year especially in winters.

Felt Ball Rug Picture
Source: Felt Ball Rug Picture (3.imimg.com)

Deck the floor with colorful felt ball rug; the fluffy texture invites you to spend the gala time playing, reading or relaxing.

Felt Ball Rug
Source: Multicolored Felt Ball Rug (coisasquegosto.files.wordpress.com)

Pop up your room with the colorful felt balls rug and enhance the charm; this handcraft is a perfect decorative piece for your room.

Felt Ball Rug DIY
Source: Felt Ball Rug DIY (d1c98y0l07f6hp.cloudfront.net)

If you are not good in sewing techniques, then paste colorful felt balls over the plain rug and get the rug pattern complete in a couple of hours.

Round Felt Ball Rug
Source: Round Felt Ball Rug (portorford.info)

Go for pink felt balls and make a lovely rug for your little princess room, you can choose blue color felt balls for your boy’s room.

 Felt Ball Rug DIY
Source: Felt Ball Rug DIY (kicksdeals.co)

Make the pretty felt ball rug and gift it to your loved ones; this useful gift makes your dear ones spellbound for your creative skills.

Felted Ball Rug
Source: Felted Ball Rug (cdn.shopify.com)

Choose the color of felt balls matching to your room and make a comfortable and fluffy rug for your use; this DIY will not disappoint you for sure.

How to Make a Round-Shaped Rug Using Felt Balls for Nursery

The given instructions make the task easy, and you can design the pattern of your choice.

Handmade Rectangle Felt Ball Floor Rug Tutorial

The step by step instructions gives you the systematic procedure to do the project efficiently.

Instructions to Make a Felted Ball Rug

The given instructions help to make the pretty rug; this handmade project is easy to make and take only two or three days to get complete.

Felt Ball Rug Tutorial

The given instructions help you to complete the task quickly, and your pretty handmade rug is ready for use.

Felt Ball Rug – How To?

Follow the directions carefully to do this easy project; try this DIY and use it in your home all over the year.

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